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Developer - Halseo

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Release - PC - May 17th, 2018

Nintendo Switch - NA - Nov. 22nd 2018

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Battery Jam is a local multiplayer game of competitive territorial mayhem! Use the boombox to smash your opponents, capture their tiles, and dominate the arena! Choose one of four Jammers and compete to have the most tiles at the end of every match! Take on your friends or play alone in Free-for-All or Team mode across eight levels!


  • Battle your friends in Free-for-All or buddy up for Team Mode!

  • Pit yourself against AI bots in any game mode or variation! Use them to learn the game, to have fun on your own, or to fill out a match with friends!

  • Compete in different game modes like Original Territorial Mayhem, Classic Deathmatch and more!

  • Tweak the way you play with a dozen settings, including Infinite Energy, Match Length and Fast Mode!

  • Play on a eight different levels for a unique experience in each match!





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About Halseo

Halseo was formed in 2017 when the team was reunited in Savannah Georgia by the college they graduated from, the Savannah College of Art and Design. We were given an opportunity to fund development of our first title Battery Jam by SCAD+, an entrepreneurial program focused on helping SCAD alumni start their own business in Savannah. Battery Jam started as a student project, so it's been very exciting for us to dig in to it full time and make it the best game it can be.


About Fat Bard

Fat Bard is a duo of composers/sound designers from St. Louis, Missouri comprised of Patrick Crecelius and Zach Fendelman. They've worked on games such as Crashlands and Battle Chef Brigade, and hope to create a soundtrack for Battery Jam that players will not only jam along with, but remember for years to come.


Monetization Permission

Halseo allows for the contents of Battery Jam to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Battery Jam are legally & explicitly allowed by Halseo. This permission can be found in writing at


Brandon Swan - Creative Director

Everett Gunther - Technical Director

Abraham Plato - Gameplay Designer

Fat Bard - Audio